Fitness Class Acts in the Hamptons

Fitness Class Acts in the Hamptons


Biking among pine and oak trees, hiking on shifting sand dunes, paddle boarding and swimming off the coast: The Hamptons offer a wealth of alfresco fitness options. At the same time, those who prefer the camaraderie and encouragement that only a fitness class can provide will also find plenty to choose from—too many to list here. Below is just a sampling of the fitness studios offering classes and workouts.


CrossFit Hamptons

375 County Road 39, Southampton



CrossFit training. Image: Meghan Holmes/unsplash

CrossFit training uses pull-up bars, weights, rowers, and other low-tech gear to provide a high-intensity workout based on everyday movements such as running, jumping, lifting, and squatting. At CrossFit Hamptons, hourlong classes start as early as five a.m. on weekdays, with as many as eight additional classes throughout the day. Kids as young as three can get introduced to the basics at special Sunday morning sessions.


East End Row

460 Pantigo Road, East Hampton

33 Hill Street, Southampton


East End Row_edited

WaterRower machines simulate the resistance and sounds of rowing in water. Image: East End Row


Those who prefer rowing on terra firma than in the ocean can enjoy low-impact, high-intensity sessions on WaterRower machines made with a patented flywheel that uses water to simulate the natural resistance—and even the sounds—of rowing on a river or a bay. East End Row’s classes, which are choreographed to music, also use the machines to incorporate stretching and strength training between interval sprints.


Good Ground Yoga

107-5 Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays


Judging by the number of studios, yoga is the Hamptons’ exercise regimen of choice. Good Ground Yoga distinguishes itself by offering several therapeutic classes, such as Healthy Back, designed specifically to alleviate pain and ailments. The studio’s signature Good Ground Yoga Flow sessions focus on alignment and core work. Other classes include Ashtanga, an energetic variation of Vinyasa flow yoga, and sessions for beginners.


Hamptons Hot Yoga

2415 Montauk Avenue, Bridgehampton


Hamptons Hot Yoga

Hamptons Hot Yoga is located in the leafy center of Bridgehampton. Image: Hamptons Hot Yoga


Those who can’t stand the heat should get out of Hamptons Hot Yoga. It conducts Bikram Yoga classes, which consist of 26 postures performed in a specific sequence, in a studio heated to 105 degrees; Hot Vinyasa and Hot HiiT classes, the latter of which combines high-intensity interval training with Pilates principles, take place in rooms heated to 95 degrees. If working up a sweat is a primary goal, however, or if like many others you find the heat conducive to restoring body and soul, this could be the studio for you.


Hamptons Jiu Jitsu

801 County Road 39, Southampton


When this studio launched in 2016, its focus was exclusively Brazilian jiu jitsu, a martial art with an emphasis on grappling rather than kicking. Jiu jitsu, for adults and for kids, still makes up much of the class schedule, but other disciplines have been added as well, including judo, Muay Thai kickboxing, and MVMT Maces & Clubs, which incorporates clubs and macebells—millennium-old strengthening and mobility tools—into flow sequences.


Marvil Fit

101-3 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays


Biking along the quiet side streets of the Hamptons is a lovely way to get some fresh air and exercise, but when you really want to get your heart pumping while pedaling, head to Marvil Fit. The studio’s spin classes include the signature Marvil Ride, 45 minutes of biking to a beat; Marvil Mix, consisting of 30 minutes on the bike followed by 15 minutes of core and upper body work on mats; and Marvil R+C, in which 30 minutes of cycling is followed by a Pilates-inspired workout. A 50-minute boxing class is available as well, for when you want to get off the bike altogether.



289 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton


At 4,500 square feet, MuvStrong is a large facility for the Hamptons, but the classes are small, topping out at 10 attendees. MUV+ is 45 minutes of cardio-based HIIT; Strong+ uses weights and low-tech resistance gear to build lean muscle mass while burning calories; Mobility+ begins with a 10-minute warmup, followed by a half-hour of mobility training and 20 minutes of cardio and strength training for an all-around workout. Boxing, rowing, and restorative yoga are among the other sessions offered.


Nomad East Fitness

460 Pantigo Road, East Hampton

471B Montauk Highway, East Quogue


Tone your midsection with a Core class one day, give yourself a cardio workout with an HIIT session the next, use free weights, kettlebells, and resistance bands in a Strength class the day after. Those are the flagship classes at both Nomad studios, offered several times through the day to accommodate even the most hectic schedules. Semiprivate, one-on-one, and in-home sessions are also available.


Sag Harbor Gym

One Bay Street, Sag Harbor


One of three facilities run by Hamptons Gym Corp., Sag Harbor Gym offers classes for those who want to feel the burn as well as those who prefer gentler stretching and toning. The former will flock to BodyCombat, a 55-minute cardio workout inspired by Muay Thai, boxing, and other martial arts; the latter can join Vinyasa yoga and BodyFlow classes. Other offerings include BodyPump, which uses light and moderate weights for a full-body workout set to music, Zumba, and PiYo, low-impact, high-intensity Pilates and yoga moves designed to tone and strengthen.


Southampton Gym

395 County Road 39A, Southampton


Southampton Gym_edited

TRX training at Southampton Gym. Image: Hamptons Gym Corp.


Like its sister studio Sag Harbor Gym, Southampton Gym offers classes for a variety of interests and fitness levels. These include several classes that use TRX suspension equipment and high-intensity TribeFit workouts.


Truth Training

Five Railroad Avenue, East Hampton


Strength training is the focus here. The signature Truth class incorporates kettlebells, TRX equipment, rowing machines, and medicine balls into a high-intensity interval training session. Ultra Conditioning classes ramp up the intensity, while Limited Edition, with its smaller class size, allows for more personal attention.


Uptown Pilates

23 Bridge Street, Sag Harbor

Uptown Pilates_edited

Working with a Pilates Tower. Image: Uptown Pilates


The Hamptons outpost of the Manhattan mini chain is all things Pilates. Some classes primarily use the Reformer equipment for a full-body workout, while others rely on the Tower, and the Tower/Mat Intensive places equal emphasis on mat work. Pilates novices are advised to take a few private sessions first to become familiar with the equipment.


Sag Harbor Tennis

395 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


Sag Harbor Tennis is a community tennis club, tucked inside Sag Harbor’s historic Mashashimuet Park. The Club’s 8 Har-Tru and 2 hard courts are open from May through October. Sag Harbor Tennis offers court rentals, lessons, clinics, round robins, social events, tournaments, and a junior camp for younger enthusiasts. Members can easily book courts online.

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