Mihal Gartenberg
Real Estate Professional
Licensed Assoc. Real Estate Broker
"I like how Coldwell Banker Warburg affords my clients a luxury experience in a boutique environment with corporate backing.”

Mihal began her real estate career with a company that purchases and repositions distressed hotels. For several years, she travelled around the country gaining insights on the strengths and weaknesses of various national markets in hotels and hotel development. With a background deeply rooted in the belief that real estate is an asset class and the seed to generational wealth creation, she has used her past experience to help both commercial and residential real estate clients.

On the one hand, she has cultivated a unique practice where commercial and residential real estate interests meet. She helps investors evaluate upcoming projects and works with them to maximize their rental profits or otherwise reposition their properties for development, sale, or conversion.

On the other hand, Mihal works with buyers and sellers in the residential real estate market. She believes in combining traditional technology with the latest marketing tools (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) to help her sellers achieve the maximum value of their home in the shortest timeframe. And by listening closely to her buyers’ needs, she effectively matches them to their new home and has a 100% buyer approval rate in New York City’s challenging co-op market.

Institutions including Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League Schools have invited Mihal to speak to their colleagues and clients on real estate matters. She moderates panels and hosts seminars to educate her clients and partners on real estate trends. Moreover, national news media and industry papers from US News & World Reports to The Real Deal quote Mihal as an expert in her field on both commercial and residential real estate topics.

Mihal first moved to Manhattan to attend Columbia University where she hosted a weekly radio talk show, featuring artists. While completing her studies, she sought, located, and booked half-hour interviews with 200 high-profile personalities including Michael Caine, Colin Firth, Norman Jewison, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Lucy Liu, Viggo Mortensen, Ridley Scott, and Franco Zeffirelli.


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Testimonial from Jonathan S.

Mihal was a great help in finding an apartment rental. I was relocating from out of state. She walked me through the process and lined up multiple virtual showings, all on short notice. Her videos and knowledge were very helpful in finding me a place I was comfortable with. Even after signing the lease she followed up multiple times to make sure all was well.

Testimonial from Alica E.

Mihal did an outstanding job assisting us with purchasing our co-op. While we were searching she checked in frequently and sent us lots of listings. When we found “the one” she helped us negotiate a competitive offer. She was a tremendous help getting through the co-op approval process. She guided us through every step and was always available when we had questions or concerns. She also connected us with a great mortgage banker and I doubt we could’ve landed such a deal without Mihal’s connection. She is very caring and committed. We really felt we were in good hands with the entire process with Mihal’s knowledge and expertise.

Testimonial from Kristina L.

Mihal did a fantastic job assisting us with the purchase of our apartment. Her expertise in the neighborhoods of the market was essential in determining the purchase pricing along with the future resale value. Mihal was involved from start to finish. She gave great advice, did lots of virtual tours and was extremely patient when it came to our hectic travel schedules.

Testimonial from Jim L.

I would recommend Mihal as a real estate professional to anyone looking to buy or sell or rent in Hudson Heights or anywhere in New York City. She is knowledgeable about the area, is able to get things done quickly, and had great advice to give throughout the whole process.

Testimonial from Kimberly G.

I would never have found my apartment without the expert guidance of Mihal! Not only did she find the proverbial needle in a haystack—an apartment in my budget that also satisfied all the non-negotiables on my list—but she did so in record time. She also connected me with a mortgage broker who played a key role and helped me navigate the mind-bending process of putting through a NYC co-op board package. This wasn’t my first home purchase but it was the first purchase in which I actually emerged from the experience respecting and genuinely liking my real estate broker.

Testimonial from J&S

If you want something done right and timely, Mihal is your agent. She’s extremely informed and makes sure you get the best deal that works for you. Even after our first offer fell through, Mihal persisted on finding our home and succeeded. She stops at no ends until you are happy with your purchase. I am beyond grateful to have had her as my agent, and you will be too.

Testimonial from Sima Z.

Exceptionally smart, very knowledgeable about not only the local market, but financing, loans, and has multiple options for the clients selling and buying real estate. Mihal is an amazing real estate professional, very caring and the nicest person you will ever meet. Mihal is presently marketing our condo in the range of $6M – $7M in West Chelsea. She is taking responsibility for dealing with the developer, strategizing marketing approach and preparation of the property for showings. Mihal’s response time is unparalleled.

Testimonial from A. Ashfaq

Mihal did an outstanding job in helping us selling our Condo in record time. She was absolutely professional and ethical. She was available day or night to ensure everything go smoothly.

Testimonial from K. Ali

Mihal was such a pleasure to work with! She was extremely patient in guiding us through our first co-op application, and was very thorough when answering all our questions no matter the time of day. Her timeliness and friendly demeanor made us comfortable when reaching out to her. We would definitely enjoy working with her again and highly recommend!

Testimonial from Emily O

“Mihal is professional and extremely knowledgeable of the New York housing market. She made searching for an apartment during a very competitive market seamless. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move to New York.”

Testimonial from Andrea W.

I was connected with Mihal in the hopes that she could represent me in a lease takeover. In the end, she gave me extraordinarily helpful, well-informed advice over the phone that got me out of the lease without her involvement. She was kind, attentive, good-humored and totally on top of it—and I wasn’t even a customer! The next time I need a realtor, she’s the first person I’ll call.

Testimonial from Karen G.

Mihal is one of the best realtors I have come across in a long time. She understands the market, has a keen understanding of what her client is looking for, and expertly negotiates to achieve the desired outcome. I innately trusted her to handle all aspects of the purchase, big and small, and she could not have made the process of buying a home any easier or smoother. I could not recommend her more highly.

Testimonial from Ralph R.

Our Co-Op was very fortunate to have selected Mihal Gartenberg over the other real estate agents we interviewed for the sale of an apartment that we owned. What struck us during the interview, not only was her understanding the market in general, especially in our neighborhood of Hudson Heights, but she understood the salability of the apartment better than we did. She offered several options we had not thought of as this apartment, which we had renovated, was becoming available just as the pandemic was hitting the economy and the market. Mihal was always on top of developments and negotiations, which were tricky, since a shareholder wanted to purchase this larger apartment but needed to sell theirs in order to do so. They could finally begin showing their place once the State and City allowed businesses and buildings to do so. Imagine- during and after the first wave of lockdown we sold the apartment at a healthy asking price, which Mihal had recommended we do- and the shareholder got their asking price on their place as well! Not just knowledgeable, Mihal has a warm and engaging manner, always available and knows exactly what it is that is going to make a property attractive to the buyer. We are so happy to have her representing our building with any future sales.

Testimonial from L. Sim

Mihal was so wonderful to work with. She is professional, polite and respectful but also super friendly and fun to hang out with. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business and had excellent contacts for all aspects of the sale. Mihal did all the hard work once I found the place I liked and I am forever grateful for that! Thank you for such a positive experience!

Testimonial from C. Bianco

I have a horse property in Long Island that I needed help selling. Mihal researched the market and found me a realtor that was an expert in selling such properties. Whether you have a regular property to sell or something that is part of a niche market, Mihal can help you!

Testimonial from Y. Chu

Amazing to work with! Very detail-oriented and helpful with all our first time owner questions. Also gave great referrals and allowed for us to have a quick close.

Testimonial from F. Ingriselli

Mihal found the exact condo we were looking for. She was patient, professional, and able to get us a very significant discount that completely covered our renovation! And we closed within in a little over 30 days. Fantastic!

Testimonial from S. Desberg

Mihal was fantastic to work with. She was very responsive, flexible with scheduling appointments and very helpful throughout.

Testimonial from Y. Gu

Mihal helped us to find a very nice apartment on the Upper East Side. It’s our first time purchasing a home, so my wife and I were nervous in the beginning, but Mihal helped throughout the whole process. We are very happy with the apartment and we recommend her very strongly to everyone!

Testimonial from M. Ye

“I regretted that I did not retain you as my broker! It was pretty painful if you had to work with someone you could not get along. I felt my broker did not represent me for the best interest of me instead of buyer. Thanks God it is almost finish!  I will recommend you whenever there is a possibility from my friends.”

Testimonial from C. Rosen

Mihal helped my boyfriend and I purchase our first home in NYC. She was so helpful, attentive and knowledgeable about NYC and coops. She always went above and beyond for us– she was always on call and responsive no matter how late at night or even if she was on vacation. She was extremely helpful, especially as a first time buyer, and we could not have done this without her. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell, especially a first time buyer! We could not have done this without her!

Testimonial from Z. Ye

After a few adventures and we finally did it. Hoo…ray! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help and assistance in our home purchasing journey. You made the process much easier and cut down a lot of our tasks and stresses. Definitely will both use you more here and there down the road.  Best wishes and all the success for you.

Testimonial from D. Malkin

Mihal was absolutely instrumental in helping guide me and my spouse through the difficult and at times frustrating process of buying a commercial property in Manhattan. She was attentive to our concerns and didn’t shy away from offering her opinion on various matters and crucial details which we may have missed if she didn’t point it out to us. She was always prompt and available by phone, SMS or email – and provided additional contacts and encouragement to keep the process moving forward. The closing doesn’t happen without her. I recommend Mihal without reservations!

Testimonial from J. Spyropoulos

We loved working with Mihal. Very professional, responsive and efficient. Communication was constant and her feedback was always productive. We appreciated her capacity to understand our needs right from the beginning, make plans and adjust, when needed, and take care of both our interests as landlords and our tenants’ interests. The latter was particularly important for us as it showed that she is a professional with principals. She is of absolute trust and you know at all times that you are in good hands, whether you are an owner or a tenant.

Testimonial from G.Oz

She was the best one I ever worked with and I want to keep in contact with her. I recommend her to everybody. She showed lots of houses that fit us and always kept in contact with the house that I want.

Testimonial from W.Aziz

Mihal was a pleasure to work with. Everything about how she handled our property search indicated that we were her top priority. As such, she always replied promptly, was patient with changes in direction, did an excellent job of integrating our tastes and preferences into the search, valued our time, and made herself available. She was knowledgeable in the intricacies of the NY real estate market and completely thorough in her preparation of our board package. She left nothing to chance. I would recommend her to others.

Testimonial from Anonymous

Mihal is beyond knowledgeable of NYC and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her communication and responsiveness were welcomed and refreshing without being overwhelming.

Testimonial from C. Chen

I have known Mihal since early 2016 through a real estate website. She was very professional and extremely good at negotiating. She helped me purchase an apartment at a great price (10% below market value!) and she helped me, step-by-step, to finish the application process. She is incredibly patient and responsive- always updating me, as needed, even when I was out of the country. She is the consummate professional and I highly recommend her services.

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