Rachel Ostow Lustbader
Real Estate Professional
Licensed Assoc. Real Estate Broker
Licensed As: Rachel A. Ostow Lustbader
A consecutively ranked top producing broker at Warburg and most recently ranked in 2020, Rachel Ostow Lustbader was born and raised in New York City., Rachel Ostow Lustbader was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from the Fieldston School in Riverdale, New York, received a B.A. summa cum laude from Tufts University in Boston, and then returned to Manhattan to attend Columbia University School of Law where she was a Kent scholar and received a J.D. in 1978. She practiced labor law at two of the city's most well-respected corporate law firms, Weil Gotshal & Manges and Graubard Moskovitz McGoldrick Dannett & Horowitz.

For over twenty years Rachel has successfully applied her expertise in negotiation and her high degree of integrity and professionalism to the Manhattan residential real estate market. She has consummated sales in a wide range of properties throughout the city, including townhouses and large family apartments in cooperative and condominium buildings on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, downtown in Gramercy Park, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, the West Village and NoMad, and in many areas of Brooklyn, including Williamsburg, Boerum Hill, Fort Green, Bushwick and Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Rachel is married to Brian G. Lustbader, a partner specializing in Construction Law at Venable LLP. Brian is also a former President of the Park Avenue Synagogue. They live on the Upper East Side and have two daughters, Sarah, a graduate of the Fieldston School, Stanford University, and NYU Law School, who is currently a Criminal Defense Attorney at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, and Ilana, an alumna of the Dalton School and Pomona College, who holds Masters’ Degrees in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education from New York University. Rachel serves on the Board of Trustees at the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan and has devoted herself to numerous other fundraising and other philanthropic activities on behalf of her children's schools, the Park Avenue Synagogue, and Kids of NYU Medical Center, a group devoted to improving the quality of pediatric care and facilities at one of New York's most renowned hospitals.

Licensed as Rachel A Ostow Lustbader


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Rachel Ostow Lustbader’s Williamsburg loft listing at 85 North 3rd overwhelmingly dominates in Curbed’s “Real Estate Deathmatch.” http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/10/16/which_williamsburg_loft_would_you_spend_35_million_on.php
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Rachel  Ostow  Lustbader’s new listing at 85 North 3rd Street was a featured article. http://www.6sqft.com/model-agyness-deyns-3-6m-former-williamsburg-loft-has-a-tax-bill-of-just-24-a-year/
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Testimonial from Jakki K.

Last summer, I needed to get my mother a place near me in Park Slope, fast! She had a

month-to-month rental in South Slope, twenty blocks from us, which was taxing for her and for me to drop my baby off for child care. I was working with a great agent, but often, I sent him the leads I found on Street Easy.


Then came Joy! Apparently her years of experience in sales take nothing away from her ability in the rental market.


Within days, she sent me listings that were within my budget and only a block or two from me.  She reached out to the listing agents, including one agent who pulled her listing off the market within a few minutes of posting it because hundreds of people applied. Joy helped me prep my paperwork and to negotiate in a way that put me ahead of the pack. By the end of that week, my mother had a place on the same street as me, two blocks down.


I’m reaching out to Joy for my next home in NYC!

Testimonial from RT

Andrea Wernick made the selling of my co-op a smooth and pleasant experience. She knew exactly what to do at every step of the process and gave excellent guidance.  Andrea and her team marketed the apartment well and showed it often leading to an accepted offer and sale.  Andrea was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell a NYC co-op.

Testimonial from Susan L.

Dear Susan,

The closing, as you know by now, was successfully completed this afternoon. I just wanted to thank you and Michael for all your help and professionalism in making the sale happen. You were straight and clear with me all through the ups and downs – and your guidance was excellent throughout.

I know you understand that for me this has been bittersweet. But “the team of Susans” worked wonderfully and I am really grateful.


Testimonial from Susan Oh

Susan and Michael, Thank you again! This could not have gone so smoothly without you. Both of you are awesome at what you do and thank you for pulling us through this one at the end.


Testimonial from Allan and Jeff Rothman

Annie Cion Gruenberger was absolutely fantastic to work with. She walked us through the entire process from preparing, decluttering, pricing, working with the building, lawyers all the way through to a terrific sale that we were thrilled with. She was always professional but I now truly feel she is a friend. I will recommend her to all my family and friends in the future.

Testimonial from Jonathan S.

Mihal was a great help in finding an apartment rental. I was relocating from out of state. She walked me through the process and lined up multiple virtual showings, all on short notice. Her videos and knowledge were very helpful in finding me a place I was comfortable with. Even after signing the lease she followed up multiple times to make sure all was well.

Testimonial from Alica E.

Mihal did an outstanding job assisting us with purchasing our co-op. While we were searching she checked in frequently and sent us lots of listings. When we found “the one” she helped us negotiate a competitive offer. She was a tremendous help getting through the co-op approval process. She guided us through every step and was always available when we had questions or concerns. She also connected us with a great mortgage banker and I doubt we could’ve landed such a deal without Mihal’s connection. She is very caring and committed. We really felt we were in good hands with the entire process with Mihal’s knowledge and expertise.

Testimonial from Chiti P. and Bill K.

We used the Gottlieb Team to sell our last apartment and buy our current one. Both experiences were smooth, efficient and thorough from start to finish. Particularly when it came time for the negotiating part, they smartly managed the process — maximizing our expectations — and provided a calming presence when we needed it. Their professionalism, punctuality and persistence set them apart in the real estate market. If we move again, they’ll be our first call.

Testimonial from Kristina L.

Mihal did a fantastic job assisting us with the purchase of our apartment. Her expertise in the neighborhoods of the market was essential in determining the purchase pricing along with the future resale value. Mihal was involved from start to finish. She gave great advice, did lots of virtual tours and was extremely patient when it came to our hectic travel schedules.

Testimonial from J&J Moya

Dear Andrea, 
We wish to thank you for all your efforts in making the sale of our studio apartment at Plaza 400 successful–and pleasant. From start to finish, we appreciated your sincerity, experience, patience, artistic touches and sound advice. Your impeccable attention to details and your gracious style set you apart and above others in your profession. We especially noted that you treated the sale of our small apartment with the same care you handled your larger listings. 

We would also like to compliment your associate Donald M. Toresco. He was always a gentleman ready and willing to help. We wish him a long and successful career in Real Estate.

Coldwell Banker Warburg is fortunate to have you and Donald on their staff. Andrea, we were fortunate to have you as our Broker.

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