Andrea E. Wernick
Real Estate Professional
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed As: Andrea Blumenthal
When it comes to exceptional client service, performance and results, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick has always been at the top of her game. Her diverse experiences and seasoned business expertise set the perfect stage for achieving success in Manhattan real estate, working alongside top-producing brokers.

This lifelong New York City resident received a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Education from Queens College and Hunter College respectively, then worked as a NYC public school teacher. She later moved into the fast-paced world of advertising, honing her eye for detail and sales savvy as a photo retoucher and photographer representative. Andrea’s drive led her to found a thriving national storyboard company which she eventually sold, and excel as a recruiter placing advertising professionals at leading agencies. She also became a life changer for women seeking empowerment and a better lifestyle with her well-known FabAtAnyAge video blog, which helps women of any age understand that they can still be vital, and as a lifestyle coach.

With helping clients achieve their goals her true forte, Andrea is just as nurturing, inspirational and effective as a dedicated real estate agent. Her vivacious spirit, sharp-as-a-tack wit and trademark winning smile is complemented by unparalleled tenacity and commitment to your needs, whether you are buying, selling or renting a home.

While real estate is her passion, Andrea also leads an active personal life that keeps her young and fulfilled. She is a longtime Plaza 400 resident who divides her time between Manhattan and the Hamptons with her husband Joel.

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Testimonial From Lyn C. and Gale R.

My sister and I contracted with Andrea Wernick after interviewing several agents to sell our deceased mother’s apartment.  During this trying time Andrea was always available to answer questions and provide advice regarding the necessary steps needed to prepare the apartment for sale. Her experience and expertise were invaluable and resulted in a sale within 3 months of placing the apartment for sale.  We recommend Andrea without reservation.

Testimonial From Randall R.

A Realtor with any major realty firm should be expected to provide impressive personal service based on extensive professional experience, market savvy, and range of contacts. Qualifications which are all the more essential in attracting ideally eligible prospective buyers subject to the approval of a particularly stringent co-op board in midtown Manhattan. But especially critical at such an extraordinary economic time challenged by inflation not seen in decades directly following the worst global pandemic in a century.

All of which is exactly why Andrea Wernick has proven truly indispensable in every respect without question. As a longtime resident at Plaza 400 herself, she is most familiar with both the building as well as the board and its requirements and expectations to ensure a successful sale process. Despite one of the worst real estate markets in years, Andrea and her team persisted over several months that could have well turned out far longer if not for the best possible buyer fortunately appearing with an offer which the board ultimately accepted.

But equally valuable before even showing the two bedroom apartment were Andrea’s referrals to other pros also experienced with preparing many others in the building for sale. First, an antiques and estate specialist who purchased all the art and much of the furniture and furnishings. Since the next owner would be certain to invest in a complete renovation, that cleared the way for Andrea’s recommended contractor to strip wallpaper from most of the walls before painting them presentably white and then pulling up all the wall-to-wall carpeting to reveal the original perfectly preserved parquet wood flooring – all finished in just four days at a very reasonable cost. And to close the sale finally, Andrea even had an attorney who had similarly worked with prior sellers in the building to ensure a smooth and straightforward transaction.

Needless to say Andrea could count on such excellent results from her suggestions to do what she does best: making the sale fulfilling for both seller and buyer through cordial and conscientious care, attention, and communication at every turn.
Testimonial From Guy F.

Andrea Wernick is an exceptional real estate agent who surpassed my expectations. Unlike my previous two agents, she provided upfront advice on essential painting and staging, making a significant impact on the property’s appeal. Additionally, Andrea went above and beyond by introducing me to reliable suppliers to help with furniture disposal etc and streamlining the process for me. Despite challenging conditions, she successfully achieved a quick sale through effective marketing strategies, demonstrating her unwavering determination. 

Andrea knows the real estate market inside out and had personal knowledge of the building in which my co-op was located. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea Wernick as a reliable and outstanding real estate professional who can navigate difficult situations and deliver exceptional results!

Testimonial From Mark G.

After failing to sell my coop several months earlier, I wanted to make sure that the next broker would sell my unit as  quickly as possible for the best possible price.  I hired Andrea Wernick of Coldwell Banker Warburg, after researching the best broker in the area.  Moreover, I consulted with doormen, neighbors, and building staff.  Though my building has no shortage of real estate brokers, everyone recommended Andrea.  The common theme was “Andrea knows this building.  She will get your co-op sold.” It was quickly clear to me that she knew my building inside and out, understood how the Board operated, and had a great feel for Manhattan’s real estate market. Andrea priced my coop competitively, and worked with me on making some improvements to help sell my unit quickly.  Lastly, Andrea helped stage the apartment to make it attractive to a potential buyer.  I absolutely recommend Andrea Wernick.  She is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.  In a competitive marketplace, she knows how to get a coop sold.  Her years of experience combined with market knowledge makes her a true real estate professional.

Testimonial from Elliot & Shelly

My wife and I cannot overstate the expertise and professionalism of Andrea Wernick as a real estate agent. Her in-depth knowledge of the NYC market and Plaza400 goes above and beyond any other agent we’ve ever worked with. Andrea’s unwavering determination and strong work ethic played a pivotal role in both selling our apartment and helping us find our dream home. Within a few months, she skillfully found a qualified co-op buyer, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transaction. If you’re looking to buy or sell property in NYC, we wholeheartedly endorse Andrea as your go-to agent!

Testimonial from K & R

Andrea Wernick is an exceptional broker who goes above and beyond for her clients. Her attention to detail and dedication to delivering a stress-free experience is unmatched. From start to finish, Andrea’s thoroughness and commitment to excellence shone through. She expertly fixed and staged our apartment, ensuring it looked its best. Her careful vetting process for potential buyers gave us confidence in finding the right fit. What truly sets Andrea apart is her availability and responsiveness. She was always there for every phone call, addressing our concerns promptly. With her proactive approach and impeccable organization, she handled every situation with ease. We highly recommend Andrea Wernick for any real estate deal!

Testimonial from Lisa L.

Working with Andrea Wernick was an absolute pleasure. Her professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail made the sale of my co-op a seamless experience, even though I live out of state. She provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate agent. Thank you, Andrea, for making this such a positive experience!

Testimonial from RT

Andrea Wernick made the selling of my co-op a smooth and pleasant experience. She knew exactly what to do at every step of the process and gave excellent guidance.  Andrea and her team marketed the apartment well and showed it often leading to an accepted offer and sale.  Andrea was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell a NYC co-op.

Testimonial from J&J Moya

Dear Andrea, 
We wish to thank you for all your efforts in making the sale of our studio apartment at Plaza 400 successful–and pleasant. From start to finish, we appreciated your sincerity, experience, patience, artistic touches and sound advice. Your impeccable attention to details and your gracious style set you apart and above others in your profession. We especially noted that you treated the sale of our small apartment with the same care you handled your larger listings. 

We would also like to compliment your associate Donald M. Toresco. He was always a gentleman ready and willing to help. We wish him a long and successful career in Real Estate.

Coldwell Banker Warburg is fortunate to have you and Donald on their staff. Andrea, we were fortunate to have you as our Broker.

Testimonial from Mitchell

“Thank you Andrea for your professionalism and follow through on the sale of my apartment. Your knowledge of the market, and the building in particular, and your ideas on staging were spot on and we were able to get a very good price.   I would recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a luxury apartment.”

Testimonial from a Buyer

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for all your help in finding our new home! We love the building and cannot wait to have you over as soon as renovations (and the Bar Exam) are over. Also, thank you for my lovely orchids! We have them in the office with us to brighten up the room while we work. You are so generous and thoughtful!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you again.


Testimonial from Paula S.

I signed a contract with Andrea Wernick the same day I called. I had heard so many great compliments about her.  She sold my apartment in less than two months. Then the next day after I signed with her, she had people look at the apartment.  Andrea is wonderful and very conscientious.

Testimonial from Nicole C.

Andrea is a one-of-a-kind broker. She has assisted me in finding a new apartment as well as selling my old apartment. She is professional and listens to your wants and needs and truly delivers. She always has your best interests at hand and is a warm and caring person to be around. Andrea is willing and happy to help in any way she can and always has ideas and recommendations for pretty much anything- decorators, movers, contractors (even beauty and fashion!). There is no doubt I would recommend her to any of my family members or friends looking to buy or sell an apartment as I know she will get the job done at the right price!

Testimonial from Jane Kober

I could not have had a better agent to sell my apartment.  Andrea Wernick made the process efficient and quickly successful. She has a straightforward, no fuss approach to a new listing, while thinking carefully about pricing and listing information. During the period when Covid prevented brokers from showing apartments, Andrea went above and beyond by buying a 3D camera and learning to use it herself. I believe she did a job in the difficult months of 2020 that few others could have done and would recommend her without hesitation.

Testimonial from Steven B.

It is a great pleasure to write this recommendation for Andrea Wernick. My sister and I contracted with Ms. Wernick as our real estate broker to sell my father’s NYC co-op apartment in 2019.

Ms. Wernick has been incredibly responsible, diligent, and exceptionally communicative throughout the time that the apartment was on the market. She has communicated with us consistently and almost daily through text messages, emails, and phone calls. Her guidance in helping us make decisions around readying the apartment for potential buyers and navigating the various offers has been invaluable.

Ms. Wernick is very personable. We found her to be thorough, honest, transparent and supportive. She has consistently worked for us beyond our expectations, and we are very grateful that she so tirelessly worked on selling the apartment.

Testimonial from Shelly and Bill

Andrea Wernick is a consummate professional. She was the seller’s agent when we purchased our new coop unit and we were working without an agent. She did whatever she could to make sure that the deal was fair to both parties and that all details, fact-checking, and financial information were handled precisely and expeditiously. She just helped us sell our original apartment and she was able to sell it quickly without any stress. Andrea is also immensely personable, accessible, and hard-working, all the traits you want in a broker.  Obviously we highly recommend her!

Testimonial from Roberta B.

I have had a very positive experience with Andrea Warshaw Wernick selling my Upper East Side apartment. She was knowledgeable, supportive and always available, as needed. She was a calming influence during a very stressful life experience. She did everything she could to facilitate the sale.

Testimonial from Laura H.

I am just writing to express my pleasure working with real estate agent Andrea Wernick.  She represented me on the recent sale of my Sutton Place apartment and guided me through the entire process. It could not have been a more stress-free experience.  Additionally, she was able to get us our full asking price!  Andrea is savvy, friendly, honest and knows today’s trying market inside and out!

I cannot recommend her services enough to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a place in NYC.

Testimonial from Maya & Veronica W.

My sister and I hired Andrea Wernick from Warburg Realty to sell our mother’s apartment at 400 East 56th Street.  Andrea did a great and quick job selling our apartment, and we recommend her highly! She knew the market thoroughly and brought us two strong offers shortly after the property was listed. Andrea was a pleasure to work with. She was proactive, anticipating many of our needs and in addition exceptionally responsive to every question and concern – immediately answering every email, call, and text! She worked hard to help us get the apartment staged, listed, and advertised, with beautiful photos, and it all contributed to a quick and easy sale. Thank you, Andrea!

Testimonial from Michael DiPalma

When I sold my Manhattan home, Andrea took care of every last detail quickly, expertly and efficiently. She was available 24/7, always making everything as easy as possible for me. From beautifully staging the apartment to hosting a fabulous open house and finalizing the contract, Andrea did it all. As soon as she showed the apartment, we had three excellent offers come in the very next day. From start to finish, Andrea took care of this sale as if it was her own. I highly recommend her for any and all of your real estate needs.

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